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„Be audience specific“: What PR-Pros need to know about the UK media landscape

Brexit, terrorist attacks and a fire in a high-rise building claiming the lives of many; the UK appears in the headlines on a daily basis. Despite the financial crisis and the gradual decline of its traditional industry, the country remains Europe’s second largest economic power after Germany. For communicators the island presents an exciting field of action, especially with regards to its technical sector. What do PR professionals have to know about the media landscape of the United Kingdom? TREIBSTOFF spoke with Giles Peddy, Senior Vice President of the EMEA and Managing Director UK for LEWIS.

US Media Update: Restoring Confidence

At present, more than 324 million people live in the US. But only a few media companies provide the third biggest nation worldwide with information and news. Ever since Donald Trump took office – and before that – the US media have had to face the challenge of being accused of manipulation and fake news. So how can US journalism manage the balancing act between profit orientation and raising awareness among the public? TREIBSTOFF talked to Chris Lynch. The Chief Marketing Officer at Cision and PR Newswire explains what PR Pros have to consider when they want to be successful in the US.

Multimedia, native advertising and fact-checking: How Associated Press (AP) is investing in the future

2,000 stories per day, 50,000 videos and 1 million photos per year: Associated Press (AP) brings the news to people around the world. Digital disruption, fake news and an ongoing print media crisis – they all add up and don’t make the world’s leading news agency’s business any easier. So how does AP handle the challenges it is facing in the media world? What about future business models? And what does AP’s strategy against fake news and false reporting look like? TREIBSTOFF spoke to Neil Hudd, Business Development Manager at AP Content Services.

Innovative Medien: Thementieftauchen mit „Der Kontext“

Schneller, kürzer, mehr. Unser täglicher Nachrichtenkonsum wird von einer Flut aus knappen Newshappen bestimmt. Dabei bleibt die Verständlichkeit komplexer Themen oft auf der Strecke. Das neue Digitalmagazin „Der Kontext“ will das ändern. TREIBSTOFF hat sich das innovative Medienformat angeschaut.

Gute Nachrichten: Acht innovative Medienformate

Der Medienwandel von Print zu Online zu App ist in vollem Gange. Umständlich gefaltete, unter den Arm geklemmte Zeitungen werden immer seltener und weichen blass leuchtenden Handyschirmen. Werfen Sie mit uns einen Blick auf acht innovative Medienformate.